General guidelines about using the mailing list

Here are some rules that all users should follow before sending new messages to the mailing list:

  1. Be polite: remember that Viralator is free software, and all work developed under the project is done by who donates time and effort so nobody is obligate to respond messages in the time you think you should receive an answer.
  2. Avoid asking the same old question: some problems are quite common for new users. Instead of writing an email to the mailing list when you find a problem as soon you have one, first try to read the documentation, search the archives of the mailing list and then post your message, if nothing before helped you.
  3. Always put something that makes sense in the “Subject” field in the email: this helps a lot people to identify your problem and is useful for finding content when searching the mailing list archive. Bad examples are “Viralator is not running” or “problem with downloading files”. A good example is “error when downloading file from”.
  4. Always post information from your system, and (if available) log files from Apache, Squid and redirection program. In most cases this information will be necessary to help debugging problems. A good pack of information is the versions of your operational system, Apache, Squid servers and redirection program. The version of Perl and modules are also a good idea.