Viralator - Changes

Please read the notes in NOTES and CHANGELOG of each new release of Viralator at the download section so you can get the lastest notices and changes.
Bellow you can get the older changes from version prior of 0.9pre2-4.

People keep asking me about change logs and I keep saying I'm going to publish one, so here is the changelog between 0.6, 0.7 and 0.8

0.9pre2 to 0.9pre3
To be released very soon!
More bug fixes, more languages (spanish), f-prot scanner
lynx non javascript friendly (maybe)

0.9pre1 to 0.9pre2
Security fixes - viralator now runs with taint checking turned on
user input is filtered
Minor Bug fixes

0.8 to 0.9pre1 by Diaolin (diaolin AT and Marco Ciampa (ciampix AT
Reorganise script (much neater)
disabled resize due of javascript problems (re-run)
javascript windows size enlaged
added Internationalization & browser language selection
simpler configuration (one variable!) for different antivirus
added check on dynamic sites that clobber REQUEST_URI ENV var
added file caching (option mantain - not working yet)

0.7 to 0.8
Released under the GPL
Rewrite of documentation and website
Changes in squirm setup (now uses squirm 1.23)
Removed the need to exclude the proxy in the users browser setup
Support for Trend virus scan, mcafee virus scan
Support for multiple simultanious downloads
Resizable popup windows
Abort Button to stop downloads
Logging of downloads and infected files
Documented how to avoid using suexec
Other stuff that I cant think of at the moment

0.6 to 0.7
Support for accessing files on password protected servers
support for file names with spaces and odd characters in them
support for AntiVir, AVP, RAV, Inoculate and Sophos Sweep antivirus scanners
Error checking